SKINCARE KIT $120 CAD

            ARTIST TOOL KIT $240 CAD

            BASIC BEAUTY KIT $330 CAD

            FOUNDATION KIT  $480 CAD

            ADVANCED COLOUR KIT  $510 CAD

            BASIC COLOUR KIT  $720 CAD


Eternal flower 永恒之花
Eternal flower 永恒之花

Buy one TCM antiviral aromatherapy  get one antiviral essential oil for free
TCM antiviral aromatherapy  use for half an hour each time

Eternal flower 永恒之花
London Eye 伦敦之眼
London Eye 伦敦之眼
Amarantine Aroma Eternal Rose with LED light
The antiviral sachet uses Chinese herbal formula to clear the lungs, clear the nose and orifices, moisturize the lungs and throat, and enhance immunity.

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