Chicken Blood Jade Pixiu Bracelet 鸡血玉貔貅手链


Guilin Longsheng Chicken Blood Jade Pixiu is currently the best health-preserving national jade found in China. The plaque “Guided Guilin Chicken Blood Jade as a Designated Gift for China-ASEAN Expo Tourism Exhibition in 2019” has the effect of beauty and skin care and is rich in trace elements. It can be absorbed by human skin, and then play the role of softening and rejuvenating skin. Long-term wearing can make the skin better and more beautiful. Guilin Chicken Blood Jade is very effective against respiratory tract infections, improves immunity, promotes blood circulation, moisturizes people’s beauty, clear ears and eyesight, no hunger and age, prolongs life, nourishes the liver, nourishes the heart, nourishes the kidneys and dryness, calms the soul, calms the mind , Moisturize hair.

Pixiu, the beast of wealth! However, another moral of Pixiu is more worthy of our attention than that of Attracting Wealth and fortune, that is, expelling evil and resisting plague.



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